Club cards

We don’t use actual plastic cards. Your phone number goes as your personal discount card. You can join as a member of the loyalty system if your purchase over 400 rubles at the restaurant and over 500 rubles when ordering pizza through the “Mir Pizzy” delivery system.

Scheme of work

1 З = 1 pс

Save cash backK rewards

Let’s introduce our own currency – pizzcent (pc), which is charged to the card depending on the purchase amount.

Pay with pizzents

You can use cash back currency (pizzcents) to pay for your order, 1 pc = 1 ruble. You can pay with them for 100% of order amount.

Free pizza

Get "Margherita classic" pizzaas a gift on your birthday or 50% discount on a single order (except drinks).

Personal account

There are a list of your addresses and the entire history of your purchases in your personal account; also you can re-order any of last orders.


You can earn pizzcents purchasing pizza and other food in “Mir pizzy” restaurants and through the delivery service, depending on the amount of the check. You can use the card up to 2 times a day. Pizzcents are calculated in the following way:

Сумма чека Кол-во
от 0 до 100 руб. 0 pc
свыше 1200 руб. 20 pc
при заказе от 1200 руб. дополнительно начисляется 50 pc


March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1

are the fixed datesby which you must spend pizzcents.
After those dates accumulation begins again from 0.
For your convenience, the receipt listed:
• Your phone number and name.
• List of dishes and amount of the order (in rubles).
• The number of pizzcents (spent and remaining) and the date by which they should be spent.
You can find out the amount of accumulated pizzcentsin the restaurants, you should ask for Manager.

* All rights to change the loyalty system in “Mir pizzy” restaurants chainreservedby the LLC "MiM".

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